Just how safe is your drinking water

Lindane is a pesticide used on cattle, lumber and gardens but is also found in water sources. The same applies to Atrazine, which is a herbicide more commonly used on corn and non-crop land. These are just 2 of the main contaminants found in drinking water, where health issues are common. Luckily a research project has been led by Dr Buttar to look at ways to reduce these problems.

For years Dr Buttar has been changing lives. This well-known physician is willing to go the extra mile for his patients and they appreciate the effort. When someone has a life threatening illness, they can turn to Dr Buttar and his clinic for the help they need.


Often people are at a loss as to what to do when they get a difficult diagnose. They are not sure where to turn. They want help and guidance but they aren’t sure where to find it. It is important to be proactive and find someone who offers information and help to walk through difficult times. This clinic is the answer for people from all walks of life. Many come from across the country or even the world to find the help they need. No one is ever disappointed when they have that first appointment with Dr Rashid Buttar. The clinic works with a variety of insurance companies and will make sure no one is ever turned away.

It is really impressive that Dr Buttar is well loved by his clients because he has built his practice around offering the latest techniques and help for people. One of his specialties is working with children who have autism. He uses a variety of methods to offer healing and help. This was one of the reasons he decided to look at other possible causes in childhood health problems. Drinking water was one point raised as a possible cause for such illness.


Ask yourself just how safe is your drinking water ?

One of the things he love to help people with is prevention. He knows that taking care of the body and being proactive can change the course of anyone’s life. He can help people change their life style and learn how to eat right. People with allergies and food problems will get that needed insight about how they can change in order to live a healthy life.


The Doctor is proud of his clinic and what they have to offer. It has taken many years to build this type of medical care and hopefully in the future many more people will be able to come to Dr Rashid Buttar and his clinic and have positive changes. He has promoted clean, filtered drinking water for years.


Anyone who wants to have the chance of a healthy life, should pay attention to the basics such as the water they drink. Sure, water from the faucet is easy to get and we don’t know how old the pipes are or the level of lead content, which is why we need to drink clean water.